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May 14
About Me

Hi. I'm Black Cat.

I'm a:

  • Model
  • Cosplayer
  • Futanari sorceress.

I'm from Boston, MA. I'm graduated college studying graphic design with hopes of having a graphic/web design career. I enjoy all things anime, manga, and video games. My hobbies are cosplaying, modeling, sewing and reading.

My favorite types of anime and manga are action, suspense, horror, and yuri. For video games, i am a huge fighting game enthusiast.

My modeling style sort of varies depending on what current mood is or my state of mind. When it comes to my modeling work, my all time favorite is cosplaying. It gives me an excuse to be some of my favorite characters from a game or animation and show people how much i love them. When i pick a character to be, i look for how i relate to them, if their appearance catches my eye, etc.

I have been cosplaying since May 2009. Over the years, I have gotten more and more into the art of cosplay. Up until now, i have gotten a chance to meet new people, learn different methods on making costumes, etc. I've had plenty of hard time making cosplays because even though it may seem easy to most people but in reality, it's extremely difficult. However, that doesn't stop me from doing what i love to do. I sometimes like a challenge so with each cosplay i make, my knowledge of making cosplays continues to grow.

I have also dealt with rascist and rude remarks when it comes to my cosplays. It's those kinds of comments that make me want to continue to prove to the world that black people, such as myself, that we can cosplay just as great as anyone else can. The way i see it, the color of someone's skin doesn't determine if a cosplay is accurate. If someone puts all of their effort into a cosplay, that shows real determination and creativity. That's what cosplay is all about: having fun and being creative.

I really hope to get the chance to meet different people and geek out someday :)

To book me for a project you might have in mind, send me an email to blackcatofficialpage@gmail.com

I occasionally upload videos:

Twitter: @Blkcat514

I also model for GodsGirls:


I even sell (nsfw) videos here: http://3lm.co/gcs

Skullgirls and anything 2D fighting related
I have yet to find a favorite.
Juri from Street Fighter
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