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woo hoo!
 I'm gonna have a new set coming out near the end of this month from Kantai Collection!

It's so cold out, keeping myself warm inside playing Eroge and Hentai games.
 Currently playing two by Clockup ; Fraternite and Euphoria

I'm digging both, Fraternite caught me when I saw the OP video and some trailers for it online, I love the foreshadowing in them and how dark the stories get! Euphoria caught my interest with its Guro galore. I do like guro, I'm a big Corpse Party fan!!! I hope to finish my cosplay of Ayumi from corpse party sometime. Maybe even do a set for it!!! 
 I was interested what other people thought of cosplays from these types of games
do you like it, not like it, do you want to see it or do you think it doesn't belong on PV?
I would love to cosplay Sekai Saionji from Schooldays! I think she is perfect for a set or video, but schooldays has so many cuties! I think another vixen should cosplay from schooldays with me and make magic happen!

 well just my silly thoughts on a chilllllllly ass day! damn its too cold. so I play my eroge games. 
Hope everyone is well and look forward to my new set the end of this month!
Much love ~ Iggy

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I would like to start off with how nervouse and excited i was when i first started and when my first set went up! OMJ >///< What do you think? :3 I would love to hear your feedback ;)

I knew i wanted to start off with my honey costume, mostly because its not really warm enough to do it out side anymore ;( and I of course wanted to experiment with some outside shots! 

BTW, costume and props made by me <3 ive only been making costumes for two years so please be gental with me ;o

Also i would like to add a hello! to the Pixel Vixen comunity! I am so happy to be apart of this and i hope you all are having just as much fun as i am!! <3


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b2ap3_thumbnail_Picture-982_20141027-105956_1.jpgi'M GETTING READY FOR MY FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL!!! :D learning is fun! can't wait to learn new sewing technique and materials!!! *_* such a dream came true for me

ps quick pic of my morning head! awake since 5:30am !!!

Well some of you saw my Deviantart account already and came here to see how i look :P Some of you might know of my Facebook Page.
no? not a single one?

; ; that make me sad...

Anyhow why am I talking to you about this? hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder!?

Oh yeah! I remember why I'm talking to you about this stuff!

Cause if you follow me on my FB page you'll be able to see progress of my costumes, learn about my school and stuff and you might get some hints of the new sets to come!

But where is your page!?

right HERE!

Now enjoy yourselves while I go watch 13nights of Elvira!
b2ap3_thumbnail_Picture-964.jpg p.s this is my changeling costume for my Sunday Game!!!!woot Changeling the lost!!!

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Hey there porn fans! As many of you have seen, my new video "Supreme" came out this Wednesday. Those of you who are fans of American Horror Story: Coven will understand why. ^_~

This video is special because now only am I my typically porny self, but I'm showing off my pervy side as well! I figured some of you might be curious about the fetish play I do in the video, so I decided to write up a quick blog explaining it.


I've mentioned in a PREVIOUS blog post that I enjoy a type of fire play called fire fleshing. This is play involving setting fire directly to the skin. This practice is actually used in vanilla (non-kinky) life as a form of MASSAGE THERAPY. I'm a sensationalist so fire fleshing is a type of sensation play that I like, partially because it can be so soothing and feel like a really good warm massage. Though I mainly like it because of the kick of adrenaline kick you get when your mind thinks the fire is going to burn you, and the high you're left with when it doesn't. lol 

I was first introduced to the concept of fire play by an episode of "The Tyra Banks Show" that was focused on vampires. I think it was one of the first (and only) times fire play was shown on TV in a non-vanilla context. The episode aired in 2008 but I didn't end up getting to try fire play until I was invited as a guest to perform at Kinko de Mayo in 2011. For obvious reasons this is not a type of fetish play that a lot of people do, so I was very lucky to find someone at the convention that not only did fire play but was willing to do it on me and teach the other Dominatrix I was with how to do it. Over the next several years I was a fire bottom (the person bottoming in the scene) a hand full of times for fetish performances and domonstrations but never actual play sessions. 

Lucky for me, when I moved to New Orleans this past Summer I became instant best friends with THE fire guy down here. So when I got the idea for doing fire play in my Halloween video, he was more than happy to help! I'd never EVER done fire play myself and learned right before we shot the video. Basically I got there, psyched myself up, learned how to set myself on fire for about 10-15minutes, pshyched myself up some more, then shot the video! I was pretty nervous while shooting the video, but I was honestly more worried about accidently catching the bed on fire than I was actually hurting myself. The Dom that I learned from is not only excellent at fire play but is an excellent teacher as well, so even though I only had a few minutes of practice, I felt pretty confident about what I was doing. Also what you can't see in the video, is that as I'm doing the fire play, there are fire blankets around me and my friend siting in front of me with a fire extinguisher in hand just in case anything happened. SAFETY IS AWESOME! ^_^

Sorry for the essay but I hope you enjoyed my story and if you have any questions about fire play or anything in general feel free to shoot me a message. I'm an open book. ^_~