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Hey there! I guess I should start using this if y'all want to be able to get to know me.

So, hello, I'm Seth! I'm not here as often as I'd like, nor do I have as many sets as I'd like, but here I am now! I'm currently 25, I have a child, and I'm not exactly what you would expect even for an alt. cosplay model.

To specify, I'm FTM transgender. That means I was born a female but mentally am male. My ID even says I'm male now, and I've been on and off hormones enough times to make your head spin. My voice is way deeper than it was when I started and I'm sporting a (albeit very sparse and pale) beard and mustache, even sideburns!

You will notice changes over time as I get farther into my transition, and I am more than open to sharing my experience with those who are interested. Modeling is a great way to keep a timeline of my transformation and I hope to see just how far I have changed by the time this is all over for me.

Once I get my top surgery (the "girls" removed), I will no longer be cosplaying females, even for this site. It will be strictly male-identified characters and I hope you all will continue to enjoy what I will be offering here.

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It's that time of year I dread but love, birthday time. On April 1st I will be a whole 28 years old...THAT IS ALMOST 30! I never thought as a young girl that I would even make it past age 16 let alone be married and all that jazz. I wouldn't trade it for the world I just feel like I am getting too old to do anything. 


I just got my taxes done and as if they weren't already a pain in the royal ass this year was much worse as I had to file a million times due to out of state work. Just take what you need and do not give refunds to those who have no children jeeze!


I started watching Game of Thrones and I LOVE IT. I can't stop wondering what will happen next and why there were so many deaths in the first season.


Also just realized it was Friday the 13th, good luck to all!

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Hope you guys are excited for what is coming up soon!

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Yep! I'm back guys! Im not neccesarily 100% healthy yet but I managed to be able to shoot something for the site nd let me just say I'm SUPER excited for it! It felt great to be in front of the camera again... I'm even back to crafting cosplays! Ive been working on a Kaworu crossplay because Im such a fangirl of him... I hope I do him justice <3


Ill keep some updates as I work on the costume more and more. rght now it literally just looks like random scraps, haha!


Until then!

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So last night was the Time Traveler's Ball here in Dallas.  It was a great event with several lovely bands including the headlining Marquis of Vaudeville.  I have been on a fang kick lately so i decided to go as a steampunk vampire!  Enjoy!





The full outfit!  I hand painted that corset!





And after the event!  My boyfriend said I looked like Cleopatra lol!