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hey guys sorry for not being more active here... actually i've been all over the places since summer xD
If my new set comes out you'll see why i couldnt shoot for a couple of months, other then that i was WAYYYY too fuckign busy.
I never know what to say either. I'm finishing up a coat for my Festive Harley Quinn since I'm going to do parades and stuff during decembers for sick kids and all.


I'll try during december to shoot something else, and I'll try to remake my little head wings for lilith. I found one but the other one i cant find it anywhere...; ;


other then that here's a photo of me derping with my friend/assistant :P yay i had an assitant for the day because of the wig xD long wigs= you need someone to help you otherwise you get stuck in a wig!



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Oofta, has it bee busy around here! I've had no time to breath, let alone write for you guys. I just want you guys to know that despite my lack of down time, I have been working on two new cosplays for you guys. I'm pretty excited to finish them so I can show everyone. They are a secret though. ^_~ but I will give you guys a couple of hints.... One has to do with Monarch Butterflies and one has to do with a sort of Lion. Any guesses on what they are? 

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Hey guys! It's been a hot minute since I wrote a personal blog, huh? Been too busy with all the behind the scenes shiz. But look! Here I am! Getting ready to fill you in on all the boring aspects of my life :P

SO. Ive been a busy bee lately. I started a new diet, which honestly just conistsed of me eating better. However its still pretty freaking bawlin considering you can actually SEE the progress 


But yeah. So thats an enormous change! Its pretty damn spiffy.

Not only that, but I have pretty much 180-ed my schedule. I have been 3rd shift for quiiiiite a few years. But as of last week I have switched onto 1st shift! Its SUPER weird to wake up when I am usually going to bed... But honestly? Its so much nicer. Im happier. Im more energetic. I get so much more work done. Its pretty damn awesome.

OH and also! As usual Im working on more sets... I'll give you all a clue for one of my next boy/girl videos....

If you're still stumped... you should scream my name really loud and over and over and over and over and OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Don't worry... I'll do it back at you :D

... if you are still stumped. Go back to 90's toonami.

Another thing of news! I -should- be seeing both Rhyan Rotten and Jessi Slaughter next week! Im visiting their edge of the woods and Im SOOOO excited to possibly see them. ALLLL of the drunken shenanigans will ensue. Yessss. Ill try to take pics and post em here if able :P

On that note - the brats Im cooking are done. So I should go and stuff my face. YUM FOODZ.

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Rev's Hawaiian Adventure!

Recently my husband and I were flown out to beautiful Honolulu for Gamer Expo HI!!! Although the trip was super short and mostly for business, we still made sure to take some time to be proper tourits and explore the island.  Highlights include the fact that everything is pretty much in walking distance, and for the stuff that isn't they have great public transportation. They had a great options for vegetarian/vegan/raw/gluten free dining and even have a whole vegan/vegetarian network (Vegetarian Society of Hawaii) to make it easier for tourist and locals alike to find resturaunts that accomodate their diet. Also everything is just unbelievebly beautiful, the weather was perfect, and there were like no bugs!

Here are some pix for those of you who aren't on my snapchat/instagram yet. 


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As I was editing my "Badboy17" set, the motherboard on my laptop blew.  In a fit of rage (after safely removing the harddrive of course)  I decided to make this little video.  Soooo much fun and very cathartic!

Hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it! :D