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So i went to G-anime this week end and was on stage for my Masquerade as Hysteria Alice^^ Sadly you'll never see a set of that character on this site cause ya know...blood... xD

p.s: my Skit:

:D also enjoy some shot of my costume!!!MAkeuo wig costume and blade where made by me!!!^^



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So i'm finishign my boots covers, Tomorrow im meeting my photographer for a potential shoot foir the site! we'll just see how it goes^^b2ap3_thumbnail_Picture-1045.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_Picture-1046.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_1896985_883322161702762_1592826825767738259_n.jpg

Also on another note I made a 52 Harley Inspired Kimono Pyjama!! this was made in my sewing class :D yay we're finally making stuff.

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so our rattie olivia is sick. She won't eat and is breathing really heavy. I have to admit that I am still a bit afraid of her but she is super cute. I don't do well with pet deaths, especially around the holidays. How are you supposed to be happy and cheerful but you are thinking about your pet that is in pain and dying?


On a lighter note my youngest sibling just turned 21 today, making me feel extremely old. I remember when she was a chubby baby and I told my mom to take her and my brother back because I didn't want them anymore. Siblings can't live with em but when you go without seeing them for a while you miss them so much. 


I can't wait to shoot my next set, it would have been sooner but a little slip and fall left me with a giant bruise on my knee and it was not at all attractive. I can't decide what to do because I have so many new costumes! I just can't wait!


ps. Just dance 2015 for PS4 is just great!


Have a good holiday everyone!

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Hey guys, I feel like I haven't really been around as of late. My day work as a chef is killing me with hours as of late. Today is my first day off in over a week and every day was 10+ hours. I'm completely drained, but on the positive side I can catch up on some behind bills (damn those student loans).
Hopefully I'll be getting around to shoot some new content soon, I also have somestuff that should be coming out this month or so.

In other news It's Xmas time and if you have a favorite vixen or vixens I'm sure they have a holiday wishlist, and I'm sure there are plenty of gifts you could recieve back. :)

Anyone that buys me stuff off my wishlist will receive an exclusive XXXmas photo set($25 and under) as Jinx from League of Legends (or) video ($26+) as be Asuna from SwordArt Online. 50+ gets both 75 gets both and a signed print and xmas card. And I'll be doing a topless gift opening video, that will be sent to all. There is stuff for all price ranges so everyone has a chance at the getting some content back. Not a lot of gifts left!

This is only good until the 13th so I can get the gift video filmed. All content will go about between dec 20th-28th.

Hope the holidays are well for all!

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I have to say that winter time is the worst time in my opinion. I feel so tired but I have so much to do!  Worst part is beyond wrapping gifts and working the new pokemon game came out and I just want to play it all day!  I seriously try to catch every pokemon in the damn game but I never can and it angers me. I also just got Just Dance 2015 which.....hello dance party!!!!, but in order to have said dance party I have to clean. Argh work lmao.  


I hope everyone enjoyed my first set "Dr. Pond". I can't wait to have more shoots.