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As I was editing my "Badboy17" set, the motherboard on my laptop blew.  In a fit of rage (after safely removing the harddrive of course)  I decided to make this little video.  Soooo much fun and very cathartic!

Hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it! :D

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First Blog Post!

Hello everyone! Even though I've been a member of the Pixel Vixens for over a year now, I never really explored the site (oops). So, here's my official first blog post!

My name is Kai Avaron, and I currently live in the Indianapolis area, but my hometown is Fort Wayne (where I discovered the Pixel Vixens - at Ikasucon)! I'm a huge nerd, and I'm really into anime, videogames, and comics. I've been cosplaying for about 7 years now, but I still definitely see myself as a beginner, and my biggest goal for 2015-2016 is to really improve on my craftsmanship!

As of right now, I'm currently in a very committed relationship with Max Royal, one of PV's newer models! We've been together for about 9 months (10 months on 9/2!), and I've converted her to the dark side of cosplaying. Our current cosplans for 2016 are: Faye Valentine and Spike Spiegal, Azula and Tylee, and Fiona and Marcelene! We are VERY excited and can't wait to have shoots for these two done ^_^

Even while I'm typing this, I'm packing to move back to campus for school, so please forgive me if I become distant from the site. Double majoring and double minoring, while holding two jobs can be hectic. I promise to do my best, and Max and I will try to fit in some time for a few shoots!

Be sure to like my cosplay page! My goal is to have 1,500 likes by the end of Summer!

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Rev's Birthday!

My birthday is cumming up (8/28)! I've been so busy working for PV and all my other naughty projects that I literally keep forgetting it's almost here! I think living so far away from all of my family is partly to blame as well. Back home there would usually be a party for my Mom's side, a party for my Dad's side, etc etc. so lots of planning and people reminding me about it all the time! Plus last year I didn't really celebrate because I had just moved and didn't know anyone yet and my grandpa had passed away because of an accident the night before, so yeah, not so much in the fun birthday mood.

BUT I am determined to make myself have a good time this year and not just sleep until Halloween! Since I just moved into my new apartment recently and don't have all my stuff in order yet, instead of throwing a house party like I normally would (no pants allowed!) I'm going to be spending my birthday on Bourbon Street! That will probably lead to some drunken group sex and possibly me being fucked by a fucking machine (because why not?) so if you haven't already, make sure to message me and get a subscription to my XXX snapchat or kik so you don't miss out on all the dirty bad fun! And if you don't subscribe in time, make sure to follow my instagram and twitter (@RevArielle) where I'll be posting the SFW photos from my adventures...or at least, as safe as I can possibly make them. lol ^_~

Maybe I'll even do a blog! Who knows?!

Also for anyone interested, here is my birthday wishlist. It's mostly practical stuff like apartment stuff and casual shoes, but anything is appreciated! Thankies! ^_^<3


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I now officially have an uploaded set on here omg!!! And it couldn't come fast enough lol. I had to take a slight break from camming work, but I am excited to dive back into that with the added velocity that being a Pixel Vixen will give me!!!

Please remember that I have a twitter (@shoshannamerkel), and a ManyVids Account where you can purchase some pretty neato porn vids of me! I make custom content, as welllll

OK, with that all said and done, I wonder what set I should do next? I know a Velma is in the works, as well as a TARDIS cosplay...Maybe an Ed (Cowboy Bebop) cosplay???

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New video in my shop!

I also have a SALE where you can buy 1 video, and get another one FREE. Sale ends Sept. 30th!