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Hi there! 
 I'm Iggy, new vixen here. Hoping to share lots and lots of photos and videos with you all!

So becoming a Pixel Vixen is a birthday wish come true, My birthday is tomorrow too TOMORROW! wooo
so.. um I  thought  I might... share my wishlist if anyone wants to look at it....

/shy's away into a corner/

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I just uploaded like a million new pictures onto the personal gallery on my profile! 

Go check out my goofy shit and random nudity! lol ^_~ 

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I am about to embark on a GRAND ADVENTURE!

For the first time in my life I am moving across the country to a place that is neither Ohio or Kentucky. I'm moving to the Gulf Coast, which is completely foreign to Me, but at this point I'm in such desperate need of a new start I don't care where I go! lol 

That being said, I need your help! 






-Access to my private XXX tumblr

-Used items including (but not limited to) socks and panties

-Signed Prints (Not PV related)

-Custom photos/short videos, etc. 

This will help ensure that I have money to hold Me over until I'm able to meet some photographers down there and get working again AND will help pay for my ticket to get to Ikasucon with PV in August! 

If you have any questions feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

**UPDATE** My electricity and internet were shut off so I may have to move way sooner than I expected! I am officially in freak out mode! Any and all help is appreciated! <3

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Welp... I'm back from Colossalcon! Dang, even though I wasn't there as a "Model" and just there as the leader for the PV team, I am beat. My fatigue is at a max right now and I tried to keep myself lazy all day yesterday just to recover! Con life can be such a hard one... :P 

I feel like we did so amazingly this year. We managed to raise 250$ to donate to National Eating Disorder Association. That's 2.5X more than last year - so I'm INCREDIBLY pumped!! Im so excited so many of you donated toward the cause (Not only that, made sure to get Raiden's pants off during the burlesque! HAHA! Next year we may just force him into something skimpier for your pleasure.)


Im so excited I met so many of you... There were so many amazing people and Im puuuurdy sure I met the love of my life (XENA/POISON IVEY, IM LOOKING AT YOU!)

Anyways, back to real life! I need to get back to work for more updates and whatnot!

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As some of you may know, Pixel Vixens headed out to ColossalCon in Sandusky, OH this weekend! It was wonderful seeing the girls and meeting new people as well. I can honestly say that even though we all live far away from each other, the other Vixens are definitely the best friends that I have. I've never met a more loving group of people. <3

I will admit that not everything went according to plan this weekend (and yes I do try to plan out everything because I'm a control freak) but life does not care about my plans and does what it wants. lol For example, I was supposed to do a different cosplay for the burlesque but AS I was getting my costume on I realized that I had forgotten several pieces for it, including panties (which are not optional) so I had to find another cosplay and choreograph a routine right before the show. Thankfully I've been performing in troupes for about 5 years now so I'm used to doing this sort of thing and can come up with skits and routines really quickly. But it's nerve wracking none the less! lol Everything worked out in the end of course, people really seemed to love my Mizore routine. ^_~ Everyone else's acts were awesome too, but I'm not going to pick favorites so I don't get in trouble. hehe I'm really excited that we got it on video this time so those of you who didn't make it can experience the awesome! 

I think The Dating Game went extremely well too. The Pixel Vixens are a witty group of people and the questions we come up with every year usually have my crying with laughter by the end of the show! We of course also had great great fun torturing Raiden Centaur who was our Host for the evening. hehe However my favorite event is always the Q and A. I'm funny and interesting so I love talking about myself! (j/k...kinda) But it's just a really relaxed panel were we have the chance to sit down (after being in heels all day) and get drunk and chat with the fans. I think it's important for the fans to see that there's no reason to be afraid of us or intimidated because all we are, are dorks with weird sex stories. lol xD

Sadly do to the universe not following along with my plans I actually didn't get to shoot much content this weekend. :(( HOWEVER, the one shoot I did is a hardcore b/g photoset with new model Legend and I'm very excited to sweet how it turns out! Speaking of Legend, we have a new hardcore video coming out for the next PV update and I am REALLY exited about this one. It's the first hardcore b/g content I've ever shot so I tried to make it extra awesome and add in a lot of funny, cute, and super slutty things! ^_^ So be looking out for my new video! 

Well friends, that's all for me. I'm really surprised I've managed to stay awake this long considering the non-existent sleep I had at the convention. lol