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Hey! I hope you guys had a great 4 of July!! What did you guys do? See any firework? Eat lots of food? :3
Anyway, I AM AVAILABLE FOR PHOTO SETS NOW. If interested in your own, personal set, email me <3
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It looks like my family is going to be homeless again, which means I won't really be able to work on photoshoots. In fact, it may mean that I'll end up with no costumes to my name. Again.


I'll do my best not to vent about details here.

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Hi all ! I did not forget you all! I've been just so busy with school and cosplay making! and my contracts!

Actually i'm having 4 makeup contracts for MCC and 5 for Otakuthon!  except my new Harley Quinn Dress and Bikini Rider from fate stay night, I haven't done sewing any more cosplays.....


all the rest of the stuff i did was for some friends cause i got paid for it.... also i went inot a little burnout because of a bitch but other then that all the problems are taken care of now!

woot woot! also i'm happy to see my first self shot photoshoot on the site^^ I'm wondering what could be the next one!

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I have a set coming out soon to Pixel Vixens! I'm also in the process of making custom fetish video shoots for all the futanari fans out there. I did tell you guys I was a futa sorceress right? Lol. How have you guys been? I've been swamped on my end. Hopefully I can get more work done on my website soon since I'm planning on making it live before the summer is over. Goals man...goals.

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ColossalCon 2015 Pixel Pix!

Another ColossalCon has come and gone! As always, it was the freaking greatest and we all had a blast! This year was especially awesome because not only did we have a great team and a new event (which went awesome!) but our events were scheduled in a way that allowed us to have time to enjoy the convention (mostly the hot tub bar) and hang out with each other and the fans! 

As many of you know, but some of you may not, every time Pixel Vixens does an event, we use it as an opportunity to raise money for the National Eating Disorder Association. Being body positive is very important to Pixel Vixens and is why we include models of ALL body types on our site. This year at ColossalCon between the burlesque, silent auction, and our new event the date auction we were able to raise over two grand for the NEDA! I'd like to give a shout out to all the fans at Colossal who helped make that happen. <3

As I mentioned before, this was the first year we did the date auction and we had a total blast! I won't lie, it's extremely nerve wracking to be brought up on stage and have people bid on you, but the fans were awesome and made it super fun. After the auction we all went as a group (for safety) to the bar in ColossalCon and hung out with our dates. Most of us ended up hanging out with our dates after the event was over too! Actually most of us still talk to our dates on a regular basis. We definitely got lucky!

Other highlights from the con include getting multiple piggy back rides from various noble steeds, making (or is that making out with?) a million new friends, not falling down even though my high heel broke during one of my burlesques, spending quality drunken time with my Vixen Sisters, and too many freaky sexcapades to list here. lol (I'm afraid you'd have to subscribe to my XXX snapchat or kik to see those pictures)

So without further ado, here are the only pictures I have tame enough to post on here! ^_^